Efficient management and qualified and experienced engineers and worker men to after service round the clock as and when required with tools tavkles and shaftvan.


  • Cable jointing tools, Hydraulic crimping tools etc. Fully automatic coil fabricating machine. (Pneumatic)
  • Hydraulic coil moulding machine. (automatic) Full time cycle automatic ovens.
  • Dynamic balancing machine 3,000 file make.
  • Resiglass binding machine for rotor.
  • 300 tons capacity Hydraulic press for reshafting and for removing out and assembling of motor stamping, pump impeller, bearing & drive couplings.
  • Complete range of workshop machines like Lathe machines, Brazing tools, Radil drills, Grinding machines and various electrical hand tools.
  • Welding rectifier set of 500 Amps with Argon Brazing Systems.
  • Circular saw for woodcuttings.
  • Wedge cutting and tapering machines.
  • Pole winding machine for Generators. (Coil Looping machine).
  • Lathe machine.
  • Drill machine.
  • Hand tools (Hand Drill Machine, Hand Grinder, Disc Grinder)

    1) Welding Transformer04 Nos. 01 No.
    2) Tig Welding Machine. 01 No
    3) Welding Cable and Holders. 10 Nos.
    4) Welding Equipment, Chipping Hammer and Safety Goggles 20 Nos.
    5) Cutting Set. 10 Nos.
    6)  Power Generators 125 KVA 02 Nos
    7) Welding Generating system. 02 Nos.
    8) Argon Gas Welding Machine. 01 No.



    • 10 KV, 500 Amps high voltage surge comparison tester a sophisticated instrument for checking and detecting inter turns shorts in large electrical motors and generators.
    • Automatic Tan delta & Capacitance tester for checking the di electric strength of insulation. Instrument 12 KVEI TEL MAKE.
    • Digital micro ohm meter for lowest winding resistance measurement of electrical machines Motwane make L R 2045.
    • 5 KV high voltage breaks down tester & 40 KV DC cable testers.
    • A complete range of insulation testers/megger of 500V, 1000V & 5000V motorized megger, dual track oscilloscope.
    • Tong Tester, Multi-meter.
    • Earth Tester.
    • Polarity Tester.
    • Facility for loop test of winding core.
    • Advance wire tracer, Am proble Instrument New York Make is capable for tracing energized works locating circuit breakers and locating wires shorted to ground.
    • Alignment kits.
    • Vibration & Bearing analyzers.
    • A complete test bench of 250 KVA capacities with variable voltage out put for no load and locked rotor test of electrical motors and facility for testing of AC & DC motors.
    • Non- contact, Temperature Detector.
    • Non- contact, Tachometer.

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