Repair / Rewinding of all kind of AC LT / HT and synchronous motor, Alternator Commuter motor, DC motor and Generator and Transformer in all class of insulation.

Fabrication / Manufacturing of H. T coil for 3.3 / 6.6 / 11 kv motors.

Replacement shaft / Repair to shaft Metallizing / Making of shaft.

Staggering of laminated core of rotor and stator of motors.

All kind of Mechanical work related to motor / Generator Alternator and Transformer Repair.

Repair of motor at customerís site.

Overhauling of motor / Alternator at our work as well as on site. At site includes Decoupling removing from foundation. Overhauling putting on foundation, alignment and coupling etc.

Testing of Motor on No load at our work.

Measurement of J.R values, P.I values.

Measurement of winding resistance.

Measurement of current and voltage.

High voltage test.

Surge test.

Measurement of tan Delta and Capacitance of winding.

Measurement of vibration in motor.

Measurement of Bearing Temperature.

Loop test for location hot spot cores of stator and rotor.

Dynamic Balancing of Rotor, Fan, Pulley, and any rotating parts upto permissible accuracy limit.

Maximum Weight>>>>>>>>>3 Ton.

Maximum Length>>>>>>>>12 ft.

Maximum Diameter>>>>>>>2 meters.

Fabrication / manufacturing of spare parts of Rotors.

Electrification & Cable layouts testing and commissioning.

Design, Fabrication and repairs to Generators to AVR units (Electronic Controls) as well as Electromagnetic static excitation control units.

Fabrication and Designing of electrical speed controls, and grid resistor units for bow thruster motors.

Fault finding in parallel operation of generators such as overload, under voltage & reverse power relays & auto tripping systems of auxiliary engines.

Erection, Fabrication, Design and modification of control panels and motor control centers and (+12) - (0) - (+12) regulated power supply units for remote control stations.

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