Registration of Contactors for Electrical Works
A) Statement of works awarded and completed during last five years

Sr.No Name Tender No W/O No
P/O No
Stipulated Time of completion
1) Mumbai Port Trust

MCS / DP / 75 DT.28/04/04
Urgent / Repairs / Rewinding to Travel Motor

CME/0/2-W/1665 21/05/04 45days
2) - do- MCS/DP/76 DT.28/04/04 Urgent / Repair /
Rewinding to Hoist Motor
CME/0/2- W/1662 28/05/04 45days
3) - do- CME/0/2-W12644 Overhauling of 320 KW Slip ring Ind Motor for salt water pump No.1 at F.O.B. Mech1 284/CME 2003-04  
4) - do- CME/HF 138 (SRF) (PM-1)/15948 DT. 07/01/2004 Modification of Capstan motor Speed

Marine 28/CME 2000-2001

5) - do- CME/0/2 W/10972 DT. 09/10/01 Rewinding / Repairs of Luff Motor CME/0/2 W/12690  
6) - do- Repairs/Rewinding of 1 No. Motor of MBPT    
7) Vikram Ispat Overhauling of PGH ID fan Motor MAB/520000 0581 DT.22/04/04  
8) National Peroxide Ltd. Rewind of 410Kw Induction Motor P.O. No. 411112  
9) - do- REPI of RTD for 65/4 Co P.O. No. 310036  
10) - do- Rewind 110 KW Induction Motor P.O. No. 200040  
11) Prestige HM- Polycontainers Limited 200KV DC Motor 230V, Review of Commutator, Repair Armature, Winding, Resistance, resetting conductors, Resoldering assembling.

P.O. No. TAL/HO/12

12) Mahindra Ugine Steel Co. ltd. GEC make Slip ring Induction Motor    
13) Mukand Limited KS28M2 6 Pole Motor M/C 178028/1 62330 dt-15/06/04  
14) Indus Engineering Company AEI MAKW MZ 6335 6-Oole Slip ring Induction New Shaft of rotor/Replaced bearing/Overhauled stator Rotor winding/Cleaning of all parts

65/2004 dt-20/09/04

15) Oriental Containers Limited Repair Ac Gen 250Kw/Dynamic Bal of Rotor/Skimmed Slip ring & Varnishing of all field coils/Fiber Glass Insulation


16) Jai Corp Limited Repair Slip Ring Induc. Motor 7.5 KW P.O. No. 4200003378  
17) The Mahalaxmi Glass Works Private Limited 100HP Slip ring Induc Motor  Rewinding/Varnishing/Baking

P.O. No. G/509/562/04

18) Mather + Plate Cooling fan for 22 KW/2-Ploe Alstom Make, TEFC, Horizontal/Fan Cover Dt-01/09/04  
19) Saico Engineers & Fabricators Terminal Box/Plate MZ4120/KS 200L/Slip Ring Side Cover/Fan Cover Order No. SAI/NSK/446/04-05
20) Jai Corp Limited Repair Slip Ring Motor 3 No Motor 8KW/7KW/7.5KW/Overhauling/Improve IR value

P.O.No. 4200002978

21) Aparant Iron &steel Pvt Ltd Replacement of bearing in 6.6 KV, 450Kw, GEC Alstom make Motor at Pig Iron Plant

0108/02-03 DT-10/03/2003

22) Vikram Ispat Repairing of 850 KW Motor MAB/5200000465 DT-13/  
23) Vikram Ispat Repairing 875KW/6.6 Kv Cage Motor


24) Vikram Ispat Repairing OF 510Kw/6.6 Kv Lean Solution Pump Motor

Order No. 5100000138

25) Vikram Ispat Repairing of NGEF Make 660V, 3-phase, 470KW Motor VI/STR/Service/0027 dt-2604/2000  
26) Jai Corp Reparing of Slip Ring Motor 7.5 KW P.O.No. 4500001946  
27) Oriental Containers Ltd. Repairs of Dc motor of forklift 36V, 90A,300rpm


28) Oriendtal containers Ltd. Repairs/Rewinding of 60 HP, 300rpm motor


29) National Peroxide Ltd Overhauling of 410 Kw HT Motor 410239 dt-11/10/2001  
30) -do- Miscellaneous repair job for 64/4

P.o. 410413

31) -do- Repairs to 410 Kw Ht Motor

P.o.No. 411071
Dt 8/12/03

32) Mumbai Port Trust Repairs/Rewinding overhauling of 320Kw Motor

CME2002-03 dt-16/08/2002

33) National Peroxide Ltd Overhauling/Repairing 410 Kw 65/5 HT Motor

P.O. No. 411092

34) National Peroxide Ltd Repair 401/A HT cooling water Pump Motor HT Induc Motor 260KW/Overhauling


35) National Peroxide Ltd 410/260 KW Motor Transport


36) Unique Industrial handlers Pvt Ltd. Conversion of shaft into taper shaft for old electric motor, 10 KW- 4Nos


37) HIKAL Pulling out coupl9ing Flange of Centac Compressor Motor Shaft

P.O. No.

38) The Mahalazmi Glass Works Private Ltd. Dynamic balancing of blower fan 48 Dia Appx. M.S. Fabricated


39) The Mahalaxmi Glass Works Private Ltd Dynamic balancing of 150 HP Blower Impeller


40) Vikram Ispat Rewinding/18.5 KW Motor CG Make


41) Alstom Limited Rate contract with the company where we carry out various kind of work which includes trouble shooting on motors & control system, Rewinding, Repairing of windings, Replacement of Rotor Bars, Replacement of Shaft, Dynamic Balancing of Rotors. Also carry out repairs to HT motors. REF of CONTRACT RC/FEEW/9MAB/4100014821 Dt 01/11/999  
42) Mumbai Port Trust Repairs of Capstan Motor of Pumping station, H.D.D.

No. CME-2000


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